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Photo by Sooni Taraporevala


Commenting on Sooni’s collection, India’s celebrated photographer Raghu Rai observed: “Sooni’s work is reflective of documentary photography since she has done documentaries and films. Salaam Bombay was almost like a documentary. If you look at the sequence of the photographs together you can almost see a documentary in photographs. But the energy and expression she carries is so special that it warms up your heart. Though it’s her own community, it touches everyone’s heart”.
An endearing aspect of Sooni Taraporevalas photographic documentation of Parsis is the insiders view of her community. It cuts out the exoticism an outsider might have brought in and makes the works a true representation of the lives of Parsis.
Solo Exhibition
(click the gallery to visit the exhibition)

Chemould Prescott Road Mumbai

National Gallery of Modern Art New Delhi

Sert Gallery, Harvard University Cambridge, MA

Google Arts & Culture