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Photo by Sooni Taraporevala

HOMe in the city

While never ostensibly staged, certain photographs feature the spontaneity and instinctiveness with which Taraporevala is able to capture form, particularly that of the human figure, which, in her images is never static but always fluid, always gesticulating, always existing either in relation to the world around it or the primacy of the camera’s lens.
Sifting through Home In The City, you will see a city age and transform. There is a certain sense of lyricism—an unhurried fluidity—that is present in the images. They are visceral and alive. But it’s the character of the people who populate the images that is really the charm of the series.
Solo Exhibitions
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Chemould Prescott Road Mumbai

The Whitworth, University of Manchester Manchester

Sunaparanta Goa

Vadehra Art Gallery New Delhi