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Crossing The Chinvat Bridge

"Even if one lives for a hundred years in this world, he has ultimately to cross the bridge. Think about it. At that time your friends and family will not accompany you; rather they will separate from you. Whatever gains you have acquired through wisdom and good deeds, that alone will stand by you."-Dastur Aderbad's advice to his son, Pand Nameh, 4AD

Since ancient times, Zoroastrians have disposed of their dead by leaving the corpses in the open air, to be devoured by carnivorous birds and beasts. The Towers of Silence (Dungerwadi) have existed in Bombay since 1673. In modern Bombay there can be no beasts, but the vultures remain, ready to swoop down at the appointed times for their daily meals.

One sixty four year old lady has fond memories of the place. In a letter written to Parsianna Magazine she writes...

A bird's eye view of the Towers of Silence. Bombay 1986. A bird's eye view of the Towers of Silence. Bombay 1986.  
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Chapter 8: The Last Journey
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